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History was made by teenage girls

I’m considering the idea of doing a series of textbooks starting with an overview: “History was made by teenage girls.” Chapters on Pocahontas, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Phillis Wheatley and on the culture impact of fictional teens such as Shakespeare’s Juliet. I need to round it out by  researching more young heroines and pioneers in math, science and the arts.

I can beg and borrow and edit essays from longer works, previously published, etc. Also put brief questions to “experts” via email and weave them in.

Where/when did the idea come in that women, particularly young women, are irrelevant and not serious? Is it youth that taints women with triviality? Or misogyny that overshadows genius and potential genius?

In other news, did some art today — began what may end up being a multi-media (painted collages) book of covers of as yet unwritten stories and chapbooks. Or if the cover has its way, may be an OOK chapbook/sculpture of art and poetry: “The Girl Who Speaks Sunshine”, poetry for children. I can’t wait to see what the title poem means.

Anyway you can blame this spurt in productivity on empty Etsy shop guilt.